Emulators / Arcade



Kawaks emulates the CPS1, the CPS2 and the Neo·Geo (BIOS),
and also supports kaillera, which lets you play online!
Kawaks supports the UniBios (BIOS with numerous cheats and options for the Neo·Geo).

Emulator Version Date OS Netplay Rating / Comment
Kawaks v1.46 + Loader 09-Sep-2004 windows Yes (Kaillera) ****-
Hacked version of Kawaks that supports any game specified in the asr.dat file.
Kawaks v1.59 31-Dec-2007 windows Yes (Kaillera) ****-
The latest official version of this great emulator.

screenshots pack v1.57 (optional)


Nebula emulates the CPS1 and 2, the Neo·Geo (BIOS), Konami games and the PGM!
It also supports kaillera and the UniBios.

Emulator Version Date OS Netplay Rating / Comment
Nebula v2.25b 18-Feb-2007 windows Yes (Kaillera) ****
Very good emulator.


Final Burn emulates the After Burner hardware, the Galaxy Force harware
and is also the first to emulate the CPS2.
Dave stopped the development of Final Burn but released the sources of the program,
which allowed a group to take them back and create Final Burn Alpha
(and for the info, Final Burn Alpha supports the UniBios).

Emulator Version Date OS Netplay Rating / Comment
Final Burn v0.518 14-Oct-2002 windows No ***-
The very first CPS2 emulator.
Final Burn Alpha v0.2.9.71 13-Apr-2007 windows Yes (Kaillera) ****
Improved version, emulates more systems like the Neo·Geo (BIOS), and supports kaillera (netplay).


Raine is an arcade emulator that used to support Rainbow Island only,
but which has evolved a lot. It now runs many other games
and supports various arcade systems, like Taito and Jaleco ones, but also the CPS1 and 2.

Emulator Version Date OS Netplay Rating / Comment
Raine v0.43.2 20-Sep-2005 dos No ****
The DOS version, no longer updated as the author doesn't have DOS anymore to test it on.
Raine 32 v0.50.4 01-May-2007 windows No ****
Good and very fast, one of the best arcade emulators.
Raine v0.50.4 01-May-2007 linux No - Not rated -
Not tested.

(For your information: The emulators below are old and discontinued)


Numerous Capcom arcade hits are on the Capcom Play System 1 (CPS1),
and Callus emulates it almost to perfection!

Emulator Version Date OS Netplay Rating / Comment
Callus v0.42 24-Jun-1998 dos No ****
Old but still very good all around.
Callus 95 v0.42 25-Jun-1998 windows Yes ****
The Windows version.
Callus 95 v0.42 p2.4 22-Nov-2000 windows Yes ****-
A non-official version that supports more games.


The System 16 is an arcade system created by Sega, and is technically superior to the Mega Drive.
Bearing the same name as the arcade system, the System 16 emulator is the first one
to support this machine, as well as the System 18 and the Dual 68000.

Emulator Version Date OS Netplay Rating / Comment
System 16 v0.82 01-Jan-1999 dos No ***-
Old emulator, rather nice but now outclassed by MAME.
System 16 DX v0.79 12-Jul-1998 windows No ***
No voice emulation, and a few games aren't supported.
System 16 DX v0.80 beta 06-May-1999 windows No **-
Unstable version. The sound and the emulation are rather fucked up.
Note: Requires either of the 2 versions above to run.


Modeler is the first program to emulate the System 32, arcade system created by Sega,
more powerful than the System 16, of course...

Emulator Version Date OS Netplay Rating / Comment
Modeler v0.9.3a 08-Dec-2001 windows Yes (Kaillera) ***-
Good emulator, too bad it's been discontinued before having had the opportunity to evolve more...
Note: Got to be in 16-bit color mode to make it work.
Modeler v0.9.3a 08-Dec-2001 linux Yes (Kaillera) - Not rated -
Not tested.