By the way, an emulator is a program that lets you play games (ROMs) on a different machine than the one these games were initially created for...

Here, I propose console and arcade emulators for PC.

If you need help or information about emulators, go to the forum.


For the newbies: in the emulation field, a ROM is a game that has been "dumped", that is to say converted into a binary file... That thus means that you can play console, arcade, computer, etc. games on your PC (or other machines) thanks to these ROMs, that you run using emulators.

By the way, according to the law (in case anyone respects it) you don't have the right to have ROMs unless you own the original games... and then again.

If you're looking for ROMs that you can't find in my links, on this topic or on Google, then ask on the forum.