Game Over
Posted on 11-Aug-2016 by Stifu
It's no secret that this old site has been dead for a long time, but I wanted to close it officially. This is the last piece of news I'll post here.

I originally created this site to talk about video games, emulation and my projects. It turns out many other sites deal better with the first two topics. As for my projects, I now prefer to create a dedicated site for each of them, like I did for Epic Edit.

Also, I'm putting an end to the Epic Racers project, which has been at a standstill for far too long. A beta is downloadable from the dedicated page, as some kind of apology to the people who were looking forward to this game. Update 2020: Ok Impala! and myself have finally finished Epic Racers!

I'm now working on a new project, which is actually an old resurrected projet: Zabuyaki, an oldschool beat 'em up. Update 2023: Zabuyaki is now known as Zabu, and is being remade for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

That's all folks!

Epic Edit 2.6
Posted on 21-Oct-2012 by Stifu
Epic Edit 2.6 is out.
It features some bug fixes and improvements (check the NEWS.txt file for details), and lets advanced users decompress and recompress ROM data.

Epic Edit 2.5
Posted on 23-Jun-2012 by Stifu
EE users have been waiting for this for a while: background editing is finally here, in EE 2.5.

Download it from the official site.

*Update (25-Jun-2012): you just know bugs show up right after you release a new version, but never before. EE 2.5.1 is out, and fixes possible ROM corruption issues.*

Epic Edit site
Posted on 18-Mar-2012 by Stifu
I don't think this aging site did much justice to your favorite Super Mario Kart editor, so Epic Edit now has a dedicated site!

Epic Edit users should check out the Overview page, to make sure they know everything they need to know about the editor.

Epic Edit 2.4.1
Posted on 10-Jan-2012 by Stifu
EE 2.4.1 is here. It's a quick bug-fix release specific to US ROMs, to ensure compressed data (track maps, palettes, graphics) always decompress correctly when running the game. This isn't actually a regression, but a bug that has been there since the beginning.

Epic Edit 2.4
Posted on 06-Jan-2012 by Stifu
Here's EE 2.4!

This version lets you modify road tilesets (tile types, color palettes and graphics). Enjoy.

Epic Edit 2.3
Posted on 30-Sep-2011 by Stifu
EE 2.3 is out!
The main new addition is the color palette editor. Also, undo/redo is now supported for tile editing.

Epic Edit 2.2
Posted on 23-Jul-2011 by Stifu
Oh boy. Epic Edit just got more epic.
In this release: new track object editing features. You can now edit the object routine, interaction, tileset, color palettes and flashing settings for each track. The original game doesn't actually support all of this out of the box, it was made possible thanks to extensions / hacks written by smkdan. We also fixed support for European and Japanese ROMs, which got broken in 2.1.

Epic Edit 2.1
Posted on 28-Feb-2011 by Stifu
Had I known it would be ready so soon, I wouldn't have bothered posting the previous news. :)

Here's Epic Edit 2.1. See the NEWS.txt file for details. And thanks to smkdan for his help.

Epic Edit 2.1 taking longer than planned
Posted on 19-Feb-2011 by Stifu
Epic Edit 2.1 has been almost ready for several months. The main new feature planned for this version is (or seems) modest: supporting the modification of the player starting positions on Battle tracks.

I quickly implemented everything (barely a week after the release of Epic Edit 2.0, actually), but got stuck at the very end: saving the new data into the ROM. The problem comes from the fact that in the original game, the player positions are shared between 3 of the 4 Battle tracks. So there are just 2 data blocks in the game: one for Battle Course 1, 2 and 4, and the other for Battle Course 3. Therefore, the challenge is to manage to make the positions of each of the 4 tracks independent.

I tried changing pointers (a bit randomly) to relocate the data elsewhere, but this always led to track corruption. I asked smkdan for help, and hope he'll figure something out. But if you manage to find a solution, don't hesitate to contact me. :)

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