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Misc Sites

Double Happiness logo Double Happiness (French)
Asian wedding planning in Paris.
FaMe Soft banner FaMe Soft (English / Russian)
Don Miguel's site, mainly about his GP32 games.
Fatman Fatman Forever (English)
Fatman (aka Slaughter Sport) is an old and lame fighting game, but still fun in a way.
I had to link to this site for shits and giggles.
GameFAQs (English)
Very complete site, containing FAQs, walkthroughs, etc. for lots of video games...
Some reviews and other contributions are shitty though. :p
Marc Page (French / English)
Marc Page banner
My father's site... Nothing like mine, but still nice.
ngpc.info (French)
A full-featured site on the Neo·Geo Pocket. Info, game list, articles, pictures, videos, etc...
OverClocked Remix (English)
An excellent site... You can find remixes there (MP3 format) of video games musics. "Recommended."
SPS (English)
"Software Preservation Society", site fighting for the preservation of classic video games.
VGMix (English)
Pretty cool site with a good load of video game music remixes...
Yuzo Koshiro's MySpace Page
The site of the Streets of Rage music composer (and others), for electronic music fans.