External Links

RPG Maker Sites

Amateursoft (English)
A little site with games made with RPG Maker 95.
Dark Matter (English)

Dark Star's site about his RPG Maker 95 game: Dark Matter.
Don Miguel's RM2k Corner (Engrish)
Donny's site, the guy who translated RPG Maker 95 and 2000 in English. Now dead and rather empty.
Ok Impala! (English / Dutch)
Ok Impala!'s site, dealing with RPG Maker 95 games but also with ROMs translations (in Dutch).
RPG Crisit.Net logo RPG Crisis.Net (English)
Features many game making editors (by ASCII/Enterbrain), and provides support, resources and tutorials for them.
RPG Indoors (English)

The site of Sasori, author of Moonshadow, nice RPG that will probably never be released. (The site rarely works at all, due to shitty hosting...)
Vizzed - RPG Maker 95 (English)

Davideo7's site about RPG Maker 95.