Bsnes v0.22
Posted on 04-Aug-2007 by Stifu
This is the first time I mention bsnes in the news, but those who follow emulation news already know about it. It's the most accurate SNES emulator (no game-specific hacks), but that comes at the cost of speed (minimum processor requirement: 2GHz).
Byuu released bsnes v0.22 today. The reason I post a news about that, apart from the fact it's an excellent emulator, is that with this release, there is finally no more known game bugs... and Byuu would love people to prove that wrong and report new bugs.

The bsnes homepage

Site update
Posted on 22-Jul-2007 by Stifu
This is the yearly site revamping...
Among the improvements:

  • The menu button corresponding to the section you're in now stays lit on
  • A tab system has been implemented in most of the site sections, making the look and browsing of the site more simple and homogeneous (and no more need to go back to the previous page to go to another page of the same section, the links being on all pages now, rather than just on the section index)
  • You now have the possibility to unfix the site layout via the "Layout Fix" button located above the menu (if you can't see it, you're using Internet Explorer 6 or worse...). That is to say that if you disable the "fix" and scroll through a page, the site layout will no longer stay on screen
  • The content of a few pages has been updated (notably the SSF intro page, with a description of the game which is now over 2 lines long)
  • Nobody cares, but the PHP code has been cleaned up/improved some more :)

Voilà, voilà... All of that is cool, but now what my site really needs is more content...

SMK editor in development
Posted on 30-Jun-2007 by Stifu
To keep you updated, here's a brief summary of what's been going on lately.
The development of Epic Racers is at a standstill due to the fact I'm devoting myself to the creation of a new Super Mario Kart editor.
Track Designer, the track editor we used to use until now, is much too limited and buggy for us to properly finish our hack with it.

Our new editor, tentatively called "Epic Edit" (may change, or not), is being made in C# (used to be in C++, but it's being ported). The goal is to make it a complete track editor, with all the needed basic features. I'm working on it with Midwife (old friend who made a good load of musics for SSF).
Having started work on this editor a few months ago, I already have a little screenshot to show you guys.
It's going to be a while before we complete this editor, but it will be released here, and will also be open source.

NGPC demo ROMs
Posted on 13-Apr-2007 by Stifu
A little news for Neo·Geo Pocket fans and ROM collectors, I just added the 7 following NGPC ROMs:

  • Biomotor Unitron (Beta)
  • Delta Warp (Beta)
  • Neo Turf Masters (Beta)
  • King of Fighters R-2 (Beta)
  • Metal Slug 2nd Mission (Beta)
  • Sonic Pocket Adventure (Beta)
  • Rockman - Battle & Fighters (Beta)

They are demonstration versions that were displayed in some game shops in Japan, at the time. Thanks to Reznor for having dumped them.
For the record, those ROMs are not recognized by GoodNGPx at the moment.

Super Mario Kart offset notes
Posted on 12-Jan-2007 by Stifu
Just a little news to announce that Ok Impala! and myself have decided to publicly release our notes on Super Mario Kart, gathered during the development of Epic Racers. They should be helpful to those interested in SMK hacking...

Super Mario Kart offset notes

Feel free to contact me if you've got data you want to contribute to this documentation, or if you've got all kinds of suggestions...

ZSNES v1.50 and some ER news
Posted on 22-Dec-2006 by Stifu
After almost 2 years since the previous official version, and through numerous WIP versions, a new version of ZSNES is available, at last. Many changes and improvements, more info on their site...

That aside, it's been a little while I hadn't posted news, but that's because I didn't have anything to say... The development of Epic Racers progresses slowly but surely. Since the last screenshots posted in August, numerous graphic improvements have been made, and the character selection screen has been totally remade (nothing like the Super Mario Kart one anymore).

That's it...

Epic Racers news
Posted on 16-Aug-2006 by Stifu
Here are some fresh news on Epic Racers, at last! The 4 last characters of the game are Sasori (not a surprise for those who paid attention), Jesus, Loki and Troll.

Go to the Epic Racers page to see the new screenshots of the game!

Kawaks v1.56
Posted on 07-Aug-2006 by Stifu
A new version of Kawaks, arcade emulator that supports the Neo·Geo and the CPS1 and 2, just got released.
Kawaks now supports all of the offical Neo·Geo games, including the very good Samurai Shodown V Special. This should make the game get more online play...

Official site:

PS: new screenshots of Epic Racers along with the full character roster will be published in the next couple of days.

Guestbook removed
Posted on 07-Jun-2006 by Stifu
I just removed the guestbook. Out of 122 signatures, only 14 weren't (really) spam... And I'm not even counting the hundreds of fucking ads blocked by my filters in the first place.
Removing shit from the guestbook everyday was only mildly amusing for a short while to me, so there.

NvS - new pack
Posted on 02-Apr-2006 by Stifu
Another update already!

Don Miguel just gave me the new installation pack of his game made with RPG Maker 95: Niggaz vs Satan.

This is not a new version of the game, but an update of the installation. This new pack lets you choose your language (English / Russian), has updated info and links, contains 2 video clips that were never available on the net before (due to their size), but that have been created by then, in 1999. It's also the most recent version of the game, and it's uncut.

The installation file is much bigger than before (around 44 MB instead of 9), but there's no need for patches anymore, and it's finally the full version of the game, after 7 years.

The videos are in Russian, and Don can't translate them without a quality loss as he doesn't have the sources anymore... However, here's the translation he gave me for the intro video.

"one time in 100 years...
satan comes on our land
he needs 133 teen victims..
and if there's a
weak school methodologist on his way..
beware everyone..."


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