All NGPC ROMs up
Posted on 28-Jun-2004 by Stifu
There, I'm finally done putting all my Neo·Geo Pocket / Color ROMs on the site...
I don't plan to put up other ROMs for now.

Neo·Geo Pocket ROMs
Posted on 09-Jun-2004 by Stifu
After having been shut for years, my ROMs section reopens at last...
For now, only the Neo·Geo Pocket section is back, and it's not complete yet... I just put back almost half of my ROMs so far... I add a couple everyday (I won't update the news when I'll be adding some).
I don't think many people remember the way my ROMs pages were 3 years ago, but it was basically just links to the files... Now I've bothered a bit more, there are screens and info for each game, etc...

Still Neo·Geo Pocket related, I've translated the last beta version of NGPocket in English... considering NGPC emulation is dead at the moment. (there was already an English version of this emu on the net, but it's not been properly translated... it doesn't even working on my PC)

Download NGPocket v0.1 beta (English) (Download removed, see news from the 1st of April 2006 - which isn't a joke despite the date)

Bug in RPG Maker 95
Posted on 17-May-2004 by Stifu
Zyse, board member, found a bug in RPG Maker 95 that I hadn't spotted...
The problem is that trying to change the type of an item or a magic makes the program crash on Windows 2000, NT and XP.
I've spent a good load of time trying to fix that bug, but in vain... Since I have other things to do, I'm giving up for now, putting that on my "to do" list...
If I ever manage to fix the bug, I will of course release an updated version of the program... But don't expect anything for now.

RPG Maker 95 v1.23xp
Posted on 24-Apr-2004 by Stifu
There, the new version of RPG Maker 95 that works with Windows XP is available here...

The pack only contains the needed files to make the program run, and I've also added an updated version of the help file.


News Flash
Posted on 21-Apr-2004 by Stifu
A couple of random news:

  • I'm done recoding SSF all over, so I'll now be able to work on it seriously...
  • I managed to modify RPG Maker 95 to make it work with Windows XP... I still have a few things to check before putting it online though...
  • Sprat's site seems more dead than ever... It doesn't even have an index anymore. Anyway, been over 3 years he hadn't updated it.
    A minute of silence anyway. :P
  • Samurai Spirits 5 Special is getting released tomorrow at the arcades in Japan.
    *Update: All the charas of the game are there!*


New section...
Posted on 20-Mar-2004 by Stifu
So there, I just opened a new section on the site (entitled "my stuff"), mainly dedicated to my games projects...
The SSF section isn't in the menu anymore and is now a sub-part of the my stuff section.

With the apparition of this new section is unveiled the "Epic Battle" project... a hack of Super Mario Kart in the making. More info on Ok Impala's site.
The other games projects aren't clickable yet.

Samurai Spirits Zero Special again
Posted on 08-Mar-2004 by Stifu
Some news on Samurai Spirits Zero Special!
To begin with, the feedback coming from the game loke tests sounds very positive to me, and the game seems to rock!

And good news... Mizuki, the boss of Shin Samurai Spirits / Samurai Shodown 2 will join the party! That means we'll have all the big bosses of the series, from the first game to the fifth, in the same game.

Screens of Mizuki coming from the official site:

Ah yeah, last thing I forgot to mention, this is gonna be the last game release on Neo·Geo, after that SNK Playmore is upgrading to the Atomiswave! (arcade system that's a lot more powerful)
Thus the Neo·Geo will have a great end with such a game. :D

Samurai Spirits Zero Special
Posted on 06-Feb-2004 by Stifu
Most Samurai Spirits / Shodown fans are probably already aware of this, but an updated version of Samurai Spirits Zero (Samurai Shodown V / 5, in English) is in development at the moment, and is entitled Samurai Spirits Zero Special (in Japan).

Apparently it'll be a dream match, meaning there will be not much to no story.
Among the improvements compared to the previous version, Gaoh, the boss of Samurai Spirits Zero / Samurai Shodown 5 will be playable, and the same goes to Amakusa and Zankuro who will be back...
The game will also get some tweaking to balance each character...
That's for the main changes annonced so far!

This game is supposed to get released in arcade in spring...

I liked Samurai Shodown 5 a lot, so I'm looking forward to this new game... :)

Link to the official site (in Jap):
(there are screens of the game on it)

Neo·Geo ROMs
Posted on 28-Jan-2004 by Stifu
SNK vs Capcom Chaos (Plus), Samurai Shodown 5, Metal Slug 5 and now King of Fighters 2003 have been dumped and are available on the net... You should be able to find all that on File Mirrors.
For SNK vs Capcom Chaos, look for "svcchaos" or "svcplus", for Samurai Shodown 5: "samsho5", for Metal Slug 5: "mslug5", and for King of Fighters 2003, look for "kof2003" or "kof2k3"...
An advice however: if you can't find anything, select "contains" instead of "begins with", you'll get more results...
Also, if you find a link to a file the size of which is well under 39 MB, it's very likely that this file isn't the ROM of the game...

If you can't manage to find these games, to make them work or anything, don't bother mailing me, I won't help you! Manage by yourselves! :p

Apart from that, I plan to open a new section concerning my game projects shortly... (well yeah, there's not only SSF... :p)

Some news...
Posted on 20-Aug-2003 by Stifu
All the previous news have been deleted, for I have finally set up my news generator...
Well, it's actually Dwalin (the musics composer for SSF) who created it, so big thanks to him!

Besides, I'm still working on SSF, and it's coming up slowly... I'm about to recode all the events of the game to assure the compatibility with the last version of RPG Maker 95 (that I obtained thanks to Sasori!)...
By the way, Windows 2000 users who had problems with the game concerning texts not showing shouldn't have this problem anymore with the next demo...
Don't ask me when it's gonna get released, I have no clue, but not anytime soon anyway...

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