RPG Maker 95

Graphics Sets

The files below are graphic files usable with RPG Maker 95... Characters, map tiles, monsters etc.

To use them in your games, edit the Chara.bmp, Mchip0.bmp, Mchip1.bmp, Mchip2.bmp and Mchip3.bmp files, in your game directory... and replace the characters or tiles that you are not planning to use by the ones that you've downloaded.

Characters Sets

Name Size Comment
BMV's Chara 119 KB These are the characters extracted from Don Miguel's game, Niggaz vs Satan. Download
Chrono Trigger Chara 38 KB The main heroes of the RPG Chrono Trigger. Download
DBZ Chara 26 KB Charas from the DBZ saga... Not so good quality. Download
Fat Anime Chars 129 KB These characters have been created by ASCII, and so are of very good quality. Download
Final Fantasy 3/6 Chara 69 KB All the main characters of the game are here. Download
Heroine Chara 43 KB Female characters. ^_^ Download
Ranma Chara 19 KB Characters from the manga, taken from the SNES game. Download
RM 98 Chara 572 KB A lot of charas, of all kinds. Download
Sailor Moon Chara 8 KB A few heroins from Sailor Moon. Download
Tales of Phantasia Chara 12 KB A few characters taken from the SNES game. Download
Tall Chara 15 KB Animations for 3 different charas. Download
RPG Maker VX Chara 39 KB Characters ripped from RPG Maker VX. Download

Map Tiles Sets

Name Size Comment
7th Saga Tiles 32 KB Tiles ripped from this RPG. Downlad
Desert Tiles 192 KB Desertic tiles. Downlad
Detail Tiles 100 KB Even if the name doesn't speak for itself, these tiles aren't bad... Downlad
Final Fantasy Gfx 173 KB Sprites (Mchips and Chara) ripped from Final Fantasy. Downlad
Future Tiles 199 KB Futuristic tiles , machines, engines, robots... Downlad
Japanese Mchips 215 KB Various tiles of very good quality. Downlad
Japanese Mchips 2 292 KB Some more Jap tiles... Downlad
Medieval Tiles 417 KB Medieval tiles, dungeons, castles, towns... Downlad
Modern Tiles 153 KB Modern tiles, houses, buildings etc... Downlad
Nameless Chips 183 KB Good quality tiles, but I don't know where they come from... Downlad
Science Fiction map 38 KB Tiles in a science fiction style. Downlad
Secret of Mana Tiles 33 KB A few tiles ripped from Secret of Mana. Downlad
Various Chips 89 KB Various tiles... (modern, futuristic...) Downlad

Monster / Magic Sets

Name Size Comment
Future Enemies 105 KB Futuristic enemies, humans and machines. Downlad
Hell Hound Magic 16 KB Magic attacks animations coming from Hell Hound. Downlad
Japanese Enemies 121 KB A lot of enemies well done, similar to ASCII's ones. Downlad
Lot of Monsters 371 KB A lof of monsters, too bad they're so small. Downlad
Misc Magic Animations 35 KB Other well done magic animations. Downlad
Phantasy Star 4 Monsters 152 KB Monsters ripped from this RPG made by Sega. Downlad
Shining Force 2 Monsters 77 KB Monsters ripped from Shining Force 2. Downlad