RPG Maker 95


Download RPG Maker 95+ v1.02 (6954 KB)
Program to create RPG... This is an early version, English translation started by TNomad from KanjiHack and completed by Don Miguel.
Note: doesn't work under Windows 2000/NT/XP
Download RPG Maker 95 v1.23xp (1495 KB)
Updated version of the program. It's more recent, and now works with all Windows versions from 95 to Vista. Refer to the readme for more info.
However, it doesn't contain all of the basic RPG Maker 95 files (like the whole RTP), so newbies may want to install the v1.02 before this one.
Download New Game Template (1801 KB)
This is just a new game template, with all the basic files, like the ones you can generate with RPG Maker 95+ v1.02.
-To be opened with RPG Maker 95, once extracted- (detailed explanations here)
Download Chara Maker 1999 v1.0 (425 KB)
Here's a cool little software, that helps for the creation and modification of characters... It's very useful, as there's no need to calculate tiles size.
Download AVI Maker (287 KB)
This program lets you create AVI easily, that is to say video clips, that can be used under RPG Maker 95.
PS: to put an AVI in a game with RPG Maker 95+ v1.02, you have to rename the file from AVI to BMP.
Download iDraw332 (496 KB)
Very good program to make chara, mchips, manage the color palette of a file, etc...