RPG Maker 95


RPGMaker95+ Frequently Asked Questions (by Don Miguel)
All the solutions for the Game Disk problems, GDI Error, switches saving etc. for RM95+ v1.02.
How to Get Time To Cycle in RPG Maker 95+ (by Kris William)
This FAQ teaches simply how to switch between day and night.
Tile Swapping (by The Brain)
Advanced tip to have an unlimited amount of tilesets, via swapping.
RM95 How-to tips (by Marshall Miller)
Advanced tips for RM95+ about time triggers, items etc.
RPG Maker 95 FAQ (by Silvera)
FAQ explaining RM95 basics, documentation, tips...
RM95 Vs. RM2K (by Stifu)
A little FAQ I wrote to explain the major differences between both programs.
How To Make a Treasure Chest in RPG Maker 95+ For Dummies (by Guts)
For those who want to know how to create treasure chests...
Face tutorial (by Guts)
Briefly explains how to add a portrait next to dialog boxes.
Creating VX characters and using them in RPG Maker 95 (by Guts)
Step by step tutorial (with screenshots) detailing the conversion of characters from RPG Maker VX to the 95 format.
How to edit item.dat and magic.dat (by GBanshee)
A brief totorial that details how to manually edit the item.dat and magic.dat files, to change item and magic properties. (Useful because the item and magic editor of RM95 is unusable with recent Windows versions)